MojoBagz Kids Bean Bag Chair

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Made for the big kid, these bean bag chairs are sized for your kid in mind. Made with 16 pounds of foam, this kids bean bag chair are the perfect size and fit for a child's playroom, bedroom, or your family room.

Made with the same grade quality foam used in our larger MojoBagz Bean Bag Chairs, these bags are also full of premium shredded foam, and not those annoying and messy Styrofoam beads. Child-proof and adult-proof alike, this durable bag cannot be broken. Weighing in at about 19 pounds, the MojoBagz Jr Bean Bag Chair is covered in our durable, comfortable and washable premium fabrics.

Dimensions:25" x 25" x 20"
(Note: Exact dimensions will vary based on how you shape it)

Warranty: 3 yr. Full replacement warranty

The liner is Included- this is an important feature. Believe it or not, some of our competitors don't include a liner. Without one of our high-quality liners, you would not be able to remove the cover for washing.


  • 100% USA FOAM!!!
  • The most comfortable chair on the planet!
  • High quality yet not high priced
  • Mobile and easy to move (roll) around
  • Washable and changeable covers
  • Liners (included) are a very strong breathable canvas