We offer FREE Shipping within the Contiguous United States.

MojoBagz come packaged inside one of the thickest cardboard boxes available. Our shrinking process allows us to compact them into shipping efficient sizes for decreased shipping costs which means lower product cost for you.

Your insert and cover come packaged together, unlike our competitors who are still charging you unnecessary shipping costs because of inefficient packaging and they ship their covers separately thus charging you twice for shipping 1 product. 

We use FedEx to send our MojoBagz to their new homes. Your new MojoBagz generally leaves our warehouse within 2 - 4 business days from when the order is placed (please allow up to 2 weeks based on inventory). At that point, it will be in transit to its new home (see transit times below). Please understand that we get them out to you as soon as we can, because we know you're excited for your new MojoBagz! 

The foam-filled inner sac is compressed for shipping. To decompress the inner sac, break apart the foam without opening the inner sac. Flip and fluff the inner sac to allow air into the foam and to help it expand. Allow about a week for the inner sac to return to its original shape. Zip the premium cover around the fluffed inner sac. Flipping and fluffing a MojoBagz before and after use will help the MojoBagz stay fluffy forever.