Why MojoBagz are better than Traditional Bean Bags!

Originally created in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s; the bean bags were an extremely popular form of furniture. The bean bag was filled with Styrofoam or polystyrene beads which were stiff and crushable. These beads were used to fill and plump the bag for comfort. One of the problems later identified with bean bags were that after continual use, the beans began to break down and flatten. Once this occurred the bag was not able to provide the same level of comfort.

More than three decades later, the new bean bags exchanged their Styrofoam beans for shredded polyurethane (\?pä-le-'yu?r-?-?than\) foam; Similar to the foam that’s used in sofas—only shredded for maximum comfort. The higher quality shredded polyurethane foam added comfort that had previously diminished in the older style bean bags. The oversized sack had increased the size, durability, quality, and availability of vibrant colors and fabrics.

Shredded Polyurethane Foam

MojoBagz are filled with US polyurethane foam (also referred to as shredded foam) has been successfully used by high-end furniture manufacturers for its ability to create soft edges, maintaining its shape, durability and increased level of comfort. You can also find polyurethane foam in automobile seats and headrests because of its ability to last for years and years. With this transition, oversized sack manufacturers saw an opportunity to use this technology when creating what would be the ultimate bean bag.

They never lose their fullness and never have to be refilled. When you sit in a MojoBagz it conforms to your body. That means there are no pressure points. It’s like sitting on a soft, fluffy cloud. Perfect for everyone!! Our foam recovers 10x faster right out of the box than any of our competitors; typically a MojoBagz is fully recovered and ready to sit on by the days end with almost ZERO fluffing required. Just take it out of the box, elbow it a couple times to get the air into the foam and let our US foam do the work for you! It’s that simple.