How to Fluff Your New MojoBag

You will receive your MojoBag approximately 4-7 days from shipment. Your MojoBag will come in a box containing the inner-liner filled with foam and your cover. The foam will be vacuum-packed for easier shipping and handling.

Begin by opening the box and pulling the insert out. To decompress the inner sack, begin by breaking apart the foam without opening the inner sack. Flip and fluff the inner sac to allow air into the foam and to help it expand. Allow about a week for the inner sac to return to its original shape and fluffiness.

Watch our video Below to see how you can Fluff your New MojoBag!

The next step is to zip the premium cover around the fluffed inner sack. Flipping and fluffing a MojoBag before and after use will help the MojoBag stay fluffy forever. The more you Fluff your MojoBag, the Fluffier it will become!

Your MojoBag comes with a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, so go ahead and enjoy it. You will soon find that your MojoBag may become your best friend. We know how you feel, we love our MojoBagz too!