About Us

MojoBagz.com is on the web to provide you with the most comfortable piece of furniture at your fingertips. You don't have to go to the furniture store and look around, you are just a few clicks away from having the most premium and comfortable furniture on the planet.

Our MojoBagz are so comfortable, it's hard to describe what it feels like to sit in one, but when you do, you'll feel the difference! If you're like most of our customers, you'll find that what starts out as a cool piece of furniture quickly becomes a love and addiction. You'll find yourself wanting to spend more time in your MojoBagz than anywhere else.

Mission Statement of MojoBagz.com
MojoBagz.com strives to bring the world the very best in occasional furniture products. We want to share our revolutionary ideas with the world! 

We are extremely passionate about what we do and believe it is that passion that is the key to our success. 
We will bring you revolutionary products only when they are proven, tested and perfected. MojoBagz products combine new technology with proven ideas. We have a vision: that is everyone everywhere can enjoy and afford to enjoy our products. We want you to live life in comfort. 

About MojoBagz
We all are raised with traditional furniture in the home, whether couches, chairs or sofas it is the same. Traditional furniture design doesn’t provide a focus for comfort, but more for design. At MojoBagz, our products are focused on supporting the body’s frame all the while maintaining a designer look and feel. Our focus is on you. 

We have raised the bar on all our product lines to ensure that they do what we claim and educate you on how to tell the difference between us and the competition, we expect you as our consumers to be more educated about how to be more comfortable in your own home. 

MojoBagz.com is impeccable at designing the very best in comfort. After all we do spend one third of our lives at rest, why not ensure you will be comfortable!