MojoBagz Pillow Sack

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Introducing the biggest pillow you can buy. It's the same high-quality materials built into a Giant pillow! It's a double body pillow that can double as a chair, bed, or meditation station. The foam pillow is great for a single foam chair (when turned on its side), crash pad, footrest, something to lean up against or sleep on. Packed with almost 40 lbs of premium shredded foam, the foam pillow is a fun favorite of foam furniture lovers, and is one huge sack of a pillow!

Liner is included.


  • 100% USA Foam
  • The most comfortable chair on the planet
  • High quality, yet not high priced
  • Mobile and easy to move (roll) around
  • Washable and changeable covers
  • Liners (included) are a very strong and breathable fabric